Drive More Engagement and Next Steps

12 dynamic tools to uniquely engage your website visitors, all in one POWERFUL button

Unrivaled "Next Steps" Innovation

Bridging the gaps between your digital and in-person experiences!

12 powerful tools to help your website visitors connect with your church

Early Stage Engagement

Many church website visitors aren't ready to interact directly but want to gather information to see if your church is what they are looking for.

Knowledge Library

Answers to your most common questions... you can even add responses with video!

Video Showcase

Add multiple organized videos like sermons, daily devotionals, and much more

Next Step Launcher

Link to important internal/external next steps that you want people to take in their engagement process.

Establish Trust and Credibility

An individual trusting your church is a critical step in the relationship development process. The following tools are designed exclusively for building trust with website visitors.


Build trust by showing real stories of life change and ministries impact

Events & Announcements

Provide details on recent news or upcoming events in order to demonstrate you are active in ministry

User Feedback

Collect valuable information about your online and in-person experience by asking for feedback and demonstrating a willingness to improve.

Intentional Communication

Some people aren't accustomed to live chat, or feel their question is too personal to type so being able to quickly make or request a phone call is important

Call Request

Visitors can request that you instantly call them to avoid the hassle of trying to get through to the right person quickly

Live Chat

Have real-time text conversations with your visitors at the moment they need it and send instant video responses to build a personal connection!

Phone Contact

All the important contact details such as your phone number, location, and hours of operations are available immediately, anywhere on the site.

Personalized Next Steps

Whether it's planning a visit to come on Sunday morning or scheduling a meeting with you or a ministry leader these tools provide "next steps" for website visitors anytime, anywhere.

Schedule Meeting

On-click reminders for in-person meetings and digital experiences reminders right to their calendar.

Email Capture

Real-time email captures for ongoing communication and feature engagement

Plan Your Experience

Empower your website visitor to plan a visit to your physical location or Sunday gathering

Instant Video Response is Perfect For Prayer Requests

Imagine someone watching your church service online and needing prayer... BirdSeed's patented video response feature is the perfect solution to build a personal relationship with that person while also praying for them in real-time. It's the perfect bridge between digital and in-person experiences.

Use BirdSeed's instant video responses to...

Additional features

Few more ways we help you easily connect with your community

Mobile app

Get notified instantly and respond to conversation requests "on the go"

Proactive Messages

Set customized multi-media messages to welcome and guide visitors as they browse

Desktop app

Stand-alone version of BirdSeed for when your browser is closed

Team routing

Create groups to route forms and conversations when appropriate


Connect in minutes to over 3,000 other applications using Zapier, Integrately and Pabbly Connect (coming soon)

Community Resources

Learn how to get the most out of BirdSeed while building meaningful relationships.

Get up and running in minutes

Turn your website into a highly engaged church members - in about 15 minutes or less!

"Don’t miss a ministry opportunity. BirdSeed is the best solution to ensure that each person that comes your way is engaged with, cared for, and is left feeling known by your church."

Haley Veturis Marketing & Communications | Bayside Church & Saddleback Church

"BirdSeed by Ministry Designs is the single best solution I've found to engage websites visitors of all kinds and promote the next steps of commitment with your church. Whether they are viewing a service online or just browsing, this is a must-have tool for every church."

Justin Brackett Marketing & Communications | Lakewood Church & Seacoast Church

Build Intentional Relationships & Bridge The Gap Between Your In-person and Digital Experiences!