We bought BirdSeed because of a real problem we face

The Church faces a massive shift where people are more skeptical than ever. Yet, at the same time, being forced to face the reality that we have to pioneer real relationships with people we might never meet face to face. Birdseed bridges every single gap from your digital to in-person experience, empowering you to start and build meaningful relationships.

Why the name?

Imagine you want to attract many birds to your backyard and you want them to stay as long as possible. There is no way to know what types of birds may visit, so you use a blend of different foods to feed more birds. This keeps them longer and ensures they remember YOUR yard to revisit when they are hungry to eat again.

We've learned that you can "feed" website visitors in a similar way. Because of their communication preferences, buying cycle stage and your ability to respond real-time, you need a blend of tools to engage more visitors, make them want to stay longer and come back later.

Want to partner up?

Agency program

If you build websites for clients, your focus is creating beautiful, well organized content and generating leads. As you know, adding lead generation tools can clutter your masterpiece. We'd love to show you how BirdSeed can help accomplish your goals AND save you tons of time. Did we mention it's free?

Referral program

If you live in the digital marketing world and have customers or partners that you are always looking to refer to valuable software tools you find... consider joining our referral program. Sign up in minutes, provide them your custom link and if they signup and upgrade to a paid plan, you get a part forever!

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"Don’t miss a ministry opportunity. BirdSeed is the best solution to ensure that each person that comes your way is engaged with, cared for, and is left feeling known by your church."

Haley Veturis Marketing & Communications | Bayside Church & Saddleback Church

"BirdSeed by Ministry Designs is the single best solution I've found to engage websites visitors of all kinds and promote the next steps of commitment with your church. Whether they are viewing a service online or just browsing, this is a must-have tool for every church."

Justin Brackett Marketing & Communications | Lakewood Church & Seacoast Church