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3 Ways BirdSeed Helps Entrepreneurs Connect With Their Audience

Most types of businesses fit into three main types: service (physical or digital), merchandising or manufacturing. However, entrepreneurs’ who envision them come in all different types and sizes.  Start-up, Mom and Pop, Small and Medium-sized, Family-Owned, E-Commerce, Side hustle, SMB, Solopreneur-the list of descriptions are as long and varied as the people who start them. But every successful business owner has similar traits; drive, self-discipline communication skills, and the ability to figure things out for themselves. They are problem solvers and (calculated) risk takers.

Good ole Ben Franklin had many common sense expressions, one of my favorites being “Time is Money.”  But in the original quote, he adds (paraphrasing of course)  “he who wastes a half a day has really just spent half a day’s wages.”

I find the same theory applies to many kinds of businesses. You work half a day on the business, but then spend the other half of the day trying to problem solve, or research, and you lose the time you could have spent working on building the business itself. There is a common phrase in many business strategies- are you working on the business or in the business.

Pulling in an expert to solve one of your business problems really can be not only cost-effective but time efficient as well.  For me, one of my biggest challenges is finding time to communicate well with people who I value, and ensuring the relationship I have with my clients continues to grow. Time is all of our non-renewable most precious commodity.

The ultimate catch 22 for many businesses… how to connect effectively with clients, without losing time from the business itself. Ignoring your clients who want information and communication just isn’t an option in this day and age anymore. You not only need to communicate, but you need to do so effectively. Customers want to feel like they matter to your business, or else- Sayonara! They are off to your competitor. Read below to see three ways BirdSeed helps entrepreneurs.

  1. Technical Communication Solutions, Without a Tech

Trust us when we say the amount of knowledge needed to develop tools to communicate online take years of education and experience.  If website or application development is not your area of expertise, you need to find a trusted partner to help your business.

New technology can solve many communication issues, but the learning curve and implementation can be frustrating and time-consuming.  In fact, according to a recently released study by Salesforce*, 69% of business owners say ease of use is their top deciding factor in using new technology.

We developed Birdseed to solve communication problems, without hiring a web developer or app builder to implement. We let you focus on your business expertise, while you find the trusted partner in technology you have been looking for. It took us an incredible amount of resources to make an incredibly complex and powerful communication tool incredibly simple to use. From sign-up to working, it should take about 15 minutes or so to set-up and only one line of code to put into your website or application to have it running.

  1. Offers Multiple Communication Methods

As a result of years of research, Birdseed has developed 12 FREE Tools, All Built Into ONE Button, a solution that offers multiple methods of communication to end-users. Your website visitor can use the tool they prefer and at the time they prefer. This is of critical importance because we know that customer’s are in different stages of the buying cycle and also have huge variances in how they like to interact and engage with a company online.

We created a short video walkthrough of the five initial tools we recommend you start with.  You can find it here

However, you know your business better than we do, so of course these are jut what is recommended- you can choose to include/exclude whatever is most appropriate for your business.

These 5 tools were chosen based on customer and business owner feedback By providing quick and flexible answers to your visitors with a FAQ section, knowledge base, live chat, and multiple forms of contact, you instantly let your customer know you care about providing them solutions.

  1. Work-Life Balance

Beyond the original set up of new communication technology on your website, there is also time spent maintaining, monitoring, and updating. Technology should be there to HELP you, not tie you to a computer desk all day!

“Work-Life Balance” is a phrase we hear often, but don’t practice enough.  I joke all the time about how busy I am, but in reality, I do feel guilty if I skip a gym day, or haven’t put time into my hobbies, and especially putting off time away from work.  Mentally, we become stronger if we maintain a balance. We all have the same 24 hour block to accomplish many things. Family, friends, work, ourselves- there is a lot to juggle. Figuring out how to put a contact form on the website shouldn’t be one of the things that takes time.

Our tools are enabled for the functionality for you to determine what is best to be “on” when you are working and while you are away- you choose what works best for your business. Say that you want to offer live chat, but only certain hours. You can easily do that. BirdSeed was created to give you more control over your life, not for you to lose control of your life to more technology.

Plus, by enabling this balance, we actually help you and your business connect more with your audience, at times that are convenient for you and them. It helps you manage expectations.

Ready to Learn More?

We designed an incredible, one tool solution to give you and your business a better connection with your audience.  We are parents, business owners, friends, and family, but we also happen to be very good at developing technology.  It is my greatest hope to be able to share our solution with your business.

Entrepreneurs work hard enough as it is.  Your technology should be working hard for you!

BirdSeed is a unique and powerful live chat tool, however with other features that addresses areas that live chat alone can’t solve. Discover what BirdSeed can do for your business at

Until Next Time,

Robert Urban – CMO of BirdSeed 

robert urbanCurrent CMO of BirdSeed and best-selling author, Marine veteran and PhD.  Offers expert-level strategy and execution for SAAS and technology business through relationship driven marketing, content and sales while leading and managing people from all different backgrounds. BirdSeed is headquartered in Orlando, Florida.


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