Posted on October 11, 2021 in Live Chat

3 Reasons AI Will Never Completely Replace The Human Connection

We live with new and incredible technical marvels being introduced every day. Virtual assistant bots and Artificial Intelligence that populated science fiction jut decades ago is now a reality.  Many companies have adopted these technologies thinking that removing the human element takes out the margin for error.  However, for the three reasons below, removing the humanity completely from the customer process has significant drawbacks. Here are three:

  1. Conversations are fluid. Even the best bot in the world can’t replace human comprehension, syntax, tone, inflection and intent. The turing test is a test for intelligence in a computer, requiring that a human being should be unable to distinguish the machine from another human being by using the replies to questions put to both. In just a couple of questions, almost all AI can be easily distinguished.
  2. People want to feel like they matter. No robot can express sincere empathy, sympathy, compassion, confidence. All of these characteristics matter in semantic conversation. The modern customer wants to know that they are being heard, understood and that any question, issue or concern is being addressed. In a world, where products and services are usually offered by many, this human connection is often the thing that stops a company from being regarded only in the “who has the lowest price game”. That is an arena most businesses don’t want to get into.
  3. Customer Service Reps needs creativity. One of the things that distinguishes humans from robots is the ability to think outside the box. Creative problem solving is the antithesis of computer programming for artificial intelligence.

The modern customer wants to feel to be important, wants solutions and are different in the ways they communicate and the stages they are in of the buying cycle. Our FREE tool allows the person to control how they prefer to engage with you. The modern customer very often prefers a live chat model- where they can talk quickly and easily with someone about their issue. Our live chat tool offers that with many other tools and features to go along with it.

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