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“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” – George Bernard Shaw

Why is Communication Important?

Ever since the beginning of time, different tribes, civilizations, parties, whatever you want to call it, have seen the importance of communication. Communication is the basis for a large variety of everyday tasks. Things that seem simple, or minuscule to us, such as getting a coffee in the morning, or saying hello to your neighbor. Simply put, communication is the foundation of our economy. Just as it is the foundation of our life as we know it, communication is what keeps business together. Trust, loyalty, everything that makes a business trustworthy to a customer is, is based on communicating. Building respect is what makes your business stand out. The key to building a clientele which satisfies your business as well as the customers, is being equally respectful and easygoing with every client. No matter how difficult the customer, there’s always something you can do to make it better. Even just a “Hey man, I don’t know what’s going on in your life, but if there’s anything I can do to help, let me know”. The smallest things that you say to a customer can impact their experience, their outlook on your entire business. Maybe even if they choose to go to your company over someone else’s.

Even though you’re maintaining a high level of respect between your clientele, one of the most important things that makes a business thrive, is treating your workers with the same respect that you are treated with. Morale in a workplace can either be an advantage, or disadvantage. Depending on how your workers are treated, morale is high, so efficiency is too. But the moment that morale drops in your workplace, it’s most likely that efficiency will too. Forbes says here: Global studies reveal that 79 percent of people who quit their job cite ‘lack of appreciation’ as their reason for leaving. In order to thrive in the workplace, with a loyal, disciplined, respectful team of employees, they need to have an example of what to do right. In the book 1984, they refer a character named “Big Brother”. As a manager, CEO, or someone who runs the company, you need to be a Big brother to them. You need to be an example they can look up to, with pride and awe, not fear. No employee should fear their boss, no matter how angry you get, you never take it out on your staff. This only creates a dreadful morale, which is spread to every inch of the business. That anger that you took out on someone. That might change their entire day, or even their week depending on how they took it. Communicating is the key to sealing a contract or deal. You need to understand what the client truly wants and expects out of the product he is obtaining.

What is “Good” Communication

Communicating to your partner, client, customer.  isn’t about telling them what they want to hear. It’s about understanding what they want to hear and mixing it with what they need to hear. If something’s unreasonable, it’s unreasonable, and you should tell them that, but you need to make sure they understand the deal isn’t over, and it’s still available to talk about. Sometimes if you have a very blunt tone, or say something the wrong way, the client will automatically assume the deal is not going to happen or have a bleak view on the item being obtained. As said in, “Good communication creates better client relationships”. One of, if not the most important thing to keeping a client satisfied is respecting them and showing them, you care about how they feel. The only way to do this is by communicating your feelings truthfully and wholeheartedly. You don’t need to spurt out something stupid that sounds like a speech from a movie, but your client needs to know how you feel, and ways you think you could improve their design. Even if they don’t like your idea, they understand how you think, this helps them trust you more and improve your partnership.

“Keeping relationships isn’t as difficult as making them” – Noah Urban.

Authentic Communication Is Key

When you make a relationship with a customer, you’re not just doing it for the deal. You have to ensure that the client knows that you are doing everything you possibly can to keep them satisfied with the result. Most businessmen who have been in the trade for quite a while can spot out and distinguish between someone saying what they want to hear and an authentic truth.  Nobody likes talking to a drone, made to set terms in stone and make money for their company. Be appropriately funny, show empathy-be authentic. Be human.  Making someone feel like they matter to you is what will set you apart from any other business or potential partnership they have considered.

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What does great service mean to you?

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robert urbanCurrent CMO of BirdSeed and best-selling author, Marine veteran and PhD.  Offers expert-level strategy and execution for SaaS and technology business through relationship driven marketing, content and sales while leading and managing people from all different backgrounds. BirdSeed is headquartered in Orlando, Florida.


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