Posted on September 4, 2021 in Live Chat

How To Improve the Online Customer Experience

What is the best way to make a brand stand out? How can you improve the customer experience from discover to conversion and pre and post purchase? It is a common question most small business owners ask. Regardless of your services or products, it is the experience of your customers in how they are treated during the entire sales cycle. The modern customer wants to feel like they matter. In a world of website traffic, they want to be recognized as individuals.

Customers want the best user experience but mostly they are disappointed. The experience of your customer depends on every interaction that they have with your brand. In a recent survey, it was found that just 23% of companies have been able to deliver amazing customer experience while the rest 77% have miserably failed. Most of the companies pay lip service to the customer experience but instead, they fail every time. However, the few companies that put the customer’s experience above other services become the biggest brands in the world. You have live examples like Apple, Amazon, and Zappos.  In our digital age, you are no longer compared to the service your competition may offer, but the level of service these giants provide. When we look at the success of these organizations, there can be many lessons learned from them that should be applied to your business. Putting their customer experience at the heart of their services is the driving force behind all they do.

Here is how excellent customer experience will help your business stand out.

Increase the conversion rate

Customer experience is all about branding. The way you brand your business will determine how your customers feel about your services. Remember that branding is like telling the story of your business. When you brand your business properly visitors will be automatically attracted towards your business. When you assure to maintain a user-friendly environment for your customers they will surely buy the products you are offering. It will help increase your conversion rate.

Gives your customers a chance to come back

One of the toughest jobs that brands have to deal with is to assure that their customers will come back again. It all depends on the customer experience. If your customers had a great time doing business with you there are chances that they will come back every time you have something new and interesting to offer. Attracting new customers is expensive and tough as compared to retaining the old ones. You should let your customers know about all latest products, services, and discounts available at your store. In this way, your revenue will increase.

Word of mouth has more strength then ads

70% of customers believe what others have to say about your business. Your customers will believe in

  • Google search results related to your business
  • Reviews of your previous customers on your website and social media
  • Testimonials
  • Online rating of your business

When you provide the best customer experience it will become easier for you to get on the good side of your clients. They will surely post positive reviews and say good things about your services. It will increase your traffic. The best thing is that it is a free advertisement that has 100% positive results. Great customer experience will help reduce marketing cost.

Stay ahead of your competitors

One of the biggest benefits that you get by providing the best customer experience is that you will stay ahead of your competitors. Your customers will know that you provide them the best services regardless of the situation. That is why they will prefer to order the products from your platform. Despite the marketing skills of your competitors, your customers will never go to their website. It will help increase the life of your customers and they will become your long-term clients.

So where does BirdSeed fit in to all of this?

Customer Engagement Tool

BirdSeed has developed an all in one engagement tool with powerful technology that will allow you to engage all the new website visitors. With one click of a button the customer now has access to your company in the method they most prefer. They are made to feel important because you have given them the tool to interact at the stage, time, and method that resonates most with them. Questions can be answered immediately, regardless of the time, and your brand becomes that one on one personalized experience, not some mechanical flowchart task response.

With BirdSeed you can improve conversions, customer support and overall engagement.

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