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Live Chat For the Auto Industry

Perhaps no other industry is as competitive as the automobile industry when it comes to sales. In an ever increasing online world, how does a company differentiate themselves when trying to sell cars, trucks, motorcycles and other vehicles? There are three things that any auto company must do to be successful. You must build relationships, provide an unprecedented level of customer service and you must be available. Read more about how Responierge does all of these things in this previous blog about live chat. However, today’s blog is not about that. Today’s blog is about the importance of Live Chat in regard to a new paradigm shift in autosales that is redefining the auto buying experience.

A Customer Now Has the Ability To Purchase A Vehicle Completely Online.  

Here are some quotes from a recent an article by the industry leading Automotive News (Source about this new trend

“After years of forecasts that the Internet would revolutionize auto sales, auto industry leaders say dealerships are within a year or two of being able to complete an entire vehicle transaction online. That includes pitching finance and insurance products and getting electronic signatures on key documents. There are even online leasing apps popping up, too.At some point, millions of consumers will use online sales technology, experts say.

“Once you figure out it’s a good thing, it takes off like crazy,” Cox Automotive COO Mark O’Neil told the Automotive News Retail Forum on Jan. 26. “By the end of 2017, we are going to be leaving that, I’ll call it, “slow growth, bumpy, experiment-with-it phase,’ and we’re going to start with the very rapid part of growth.”

O’Neil predicted nearly 10 percent of vehicle transactions could be online by 2019.

Automakers and dealers are making significant investments in the technology to enable consumers to do most — and someday, all — of a vehicle purchase online. Those dealers who lag behind will have to catch up or face a fate similar to that of independent bookstores in the wake of Amazon, industry experts say.

However, very often automotive sales companies are very quick to adapt and embrace new technology. In an article by Bloomberg an example of how an owner utilized web tools like Live Chat to come to the rescue.  “Geri Lynn, the owner of a Nissan dealership in Houma, Louisiana, bought new web tools earlier this year that allow shoppers to negotiate a whole purchase online and just come into the dealership to sign the paperwork”

Web Tools For Online Car Sales

One small example of how BirdSeed is a great online web tool is that in addition to our Live Chat component, you can also easily schedule any event online.

Schedule Any Event 

Nobody likes to wait anymore to get things accomplished… plus there is nothing worse than the inefficiency of having to find a date/time that works for both parties to schedule an appointment. Avoid all of that by allowing someone to know that by the time they leave your website, they have chosen a scheduled event time that works for both parties.

A Few Other Examples:

  • Vehicle Test Drives
  • Service Scheduling
  • Showcase Event Invites

BirdSeed has a way for ANY size automotive company to communicate and interact with customers 24/7.

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