Posted on July 23, 2021 in Marketing Thoughts

Put Yourself In Your Customer’s Shoes

In many aspects of life we are taught to try to view any subject from a different point of view than your own. Business owners and business leaders are customers in some form or another for any product or service they utilize. Whether it is selecting which vendor/supplier to go with, the pair of jeans to buy online or what airline to ride,  we have evolved past considering just the price to determine our purchase. We also include make several decisions during the buying lifecycle. of how we were treated, the ease of use in communication and several other factors.

Walker, a CX Consulting Firm states (CX is industry shorthand for Customer Experience)

“Customer Experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator by the year 2020.” – Walker

So how do you do differentiate your brand? There are three key elements that have emerged since the new age of digital consumership. You must evaluate your online customer experience as your own customer to determine how you can set a strong foundation or improve these common expectations.

Three Expectations of the Modern Customer

Immediate Service/ Response

There is a term called The Amazon Expectation. This is the expectation that many people have in regards to customer service. They don’t compare your business or brand to the competition- they compare it to Amazon and other large successful businesses. One of the largest expectations is in the time something happens- customers want things immediately.

Want a package?- have it delivered tomorrow.

Want an answer?- Google it.

Technology has made it possible for us to communicate instantaneously. In business being able to respond and/or set expectations of response immediately is imperative for growth and success.

Personal Attention

The online world is huge conglomerate of shoppers. Even if you have a niche product offering or specific psychographic you have identified as your ideal customer there are still many differences within the subset of that collective group. This difference ranges in both their preferences of how they like to communicate and on a higher level where they are in the buying cycle. Someone kicking tires has a different mindset and communication goals and needs than someone who is ready to buy right now or has already bought a service or product. People want to know they matter to your company.

Easy to Use

The burden of use is expected to be handled by the company. However, companies often make communication complicated, when trying to address the previous issue of having multiple methods of communication. Phone, email, FAQS, Live Chat. If a customer experiences frustration from a technical aspect, very often they churn. While some shoppers are more technologically savvy than others, even the most astute people can have problems finding what they want easily.

Think now of the experience you want as an online shopper. Now consider the 3 elements discussed and your business. Is it missing the mark? Is cost, fear, lack of knowledge, technical implementation or simply not knowing how to provide the right solution a factor? If so, then you need BirdSeed’s FREE customer engagement tool. It is easy to use, easy to set up, customizable and most importantly makes authentic, immediate personalized responses possible with the click of one button. Learn more at our home page or set up a Free For Life  account to get started utilizing our tools. We have helped hundreds of businesses enhance the customer experience they offer to their online customers.  Regardless of what industry or size of your company, BirdSeed is the right tool for you.

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