What Is BirdSeed?

What Is BirdSeed?

How to 4x Your Lead Conversion Using a Virtual Concierge

Video Timeline:

:30    What This Webinar Covers

:57    Who is BirdSeed Made For?

3:34   Our Story

5:39   The Problem We Uncovered

9:35   Why This Is So Important

12:57   Trends Over The Last Decade

15:30  Trends From the Past 2 Years

17:07   Common Options For Engagement

20:30   What Is a Concierge?  (hotel)

22:13   What Is a Virtual Website Concierge?

24:18  BirdSeed Included Tools

25:04  Build Your Custom Engagement Panel

26:30  Customize Your BirdSeed Experience

31:49  Mobile Applications

32:38 How to Handle Form Submissions

34:37  Partnership Programs

35:20  Plans and Pricing

37:15   Getting Started

37:45   Final Questions


















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